10 Best Container Gardening Plants

Leafy greens such as lettuce and spinach are easy to grow in containers, offering continuous harvests for salads


Dwarf Citrus Trees

Lemon, lime, or orange trees in dwarf varieties flourish in containers, providing fresh citrus flavors.

Marigolds, petunias, geraniums, and pansies add vibrant colors and beauty to container gardens.



Low-maintenance plants like jade, echeveria, and sedum thrive in small containers or mixed arrangements.

Standing at just 1 ft. tall and 8 in. wide, this upright perennial grass is perfect for groundcover or as a front-of-border plant

ColorGrass Spiky Blue Corynephorus

Baby Cakes Blackberry

Thorny and gangly, you may imagine. However, Baby Cakes is a thornless dwarf blackberry. Baby Cakes produces huge, juicy blackberries in summer and may produce more later in some areas.

Violas are ideal for container gardening because they are frost-tolerant and many overwinter successfully. “Their small size also means they can be grouped closely, creating a dense and colorful display in containers


Profusion Red Zinnia

Profusion zinnias are loved for their small size, disease resistance and long-lasting blooms. The newest addition, Profusion Red, maintains these traits but offers a vibrant red color that won’t fade in the summer sun.

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