7 Healthy Snacks To Help You Cut Cravings And Lose Weight

One study found that avocado eaters weighed less, had smaller waists, and lower BMIs. Combine avocados with tomatoes, which are low in calories but high in lycopene, a blood pressure-lowering antioxidant.

Avocados And Tomatoes

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is great—half a cup has probiotics, calcium, and 12 grams of protein. Avoid sugary cups. Best option: Plain yogurt with fresh fruit and almonds.

With fiber, mushroom jerky makes up for its protein lack. This has six grams of fiber per 110 calories.

Salt-Pepper Mushroom Jerky


Individual cups of oats are great snack cabinet staples. They also fill you up till dinner. Instant oatmeal eaters were less hungry and ate fewer calories at their following meal.

Yes, prunes! Each is a mini-fiber bomb. A 100-calorie portion provides three grams of stomach-filling nutrition.

Pitted Prunes

Apple-Peanut Butter

Fruit is the best sweet snack. Apple and pear diets aid long-term weight loss, according to research. Peanut butter on a Honeycrisp provides fiber, fat, and protein.

Weight loss and heart disease risk reduction are linked to almond-rich diets. Stock up and add them to yogurt, trail mix, or eat them straight.


7 Healthy Snacks To Help You Cut Cravings And Lose Weight

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