Costco Is Discontinuing Its Roast Beef Sandwich

In February, Costco introduced a roast beef sandwich to its food court menu, which was met with criticism on Reddit due to its $10 price tag.

Many consumers who prefer Costco with its inexpensive pricing and inflation-proof hot dogs found the huge food court sandwich disappointing.

A Costco employee on Reddit said that the sandwich may be discontinued "more than likely due to poor sales."

Costco may have tested the food court market for costlier goods with their roast beef sandwich, according to Reddit users. It seems to have failed.

The Takeout reviewed the contentious sandwich and found that too much bread overwhelmed the other components, making them become "background noise."

For the price of the roast beef sandwich, you could purchase "four hot dogs, two slices of pizza, and four drinks" to feed a party, according to another Reddit user.

This isn't Costco's first menu update to annoy customers. Costco customers were upset when the wholesaler replaced several sitting tables with elevated standing-only tables in September.

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