Flying Southwest This Thanksgiving? Get A Free Drink

Southwest Airlines, a quirky airline, offers many freebies to frequent flyers. Two free checked bags, free seat selection,

refundable tickets, and more are among those benefits. But did you realize you should include Southwest free drinks?

Southwest Airlines offers free drinks on certain days. Find out these days and request free beverages. Southwest Airlines' complimentary drink dates are:

Holidays include New Year's, Valentine's, St. Patrick's, Mother's, Memorial, and Father's Days. Southwest's Birthday—June 18

USA holidays: Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Any free drink date can be changed by Southwest Airlines. Maybe they'll include my birthday!

Southwest Airlines frequent flyers can easily earn coupons. Southwest gives 4 drink coupons after 5 round-trip

or 10 paid one-way trips. There's one catch. Southwest only sends them if you request them. To opt-in:

Southwest account login. Scroll down to “Travel” under “My Preferences” and click “Extras”. Drink your free beverages!

You may get free beverages and flights by earning up to 60,000 additional

Rapid Rewards points with each Southwest credit card. Earn the Southwest Companion Pass, one of the top travel benefits, faster.

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