McDonald's Chicken Nuggets Meal Prep Hack Is Splitting Fans

McDonald's fans are creative, often creating viral ordering suggestions on social media. The newest viral hack is polarizing.

Last week, TikToker posted a 1.1 million-view video of her meal-prepping and freezing 80 McDonald's Chicken McNuggets for her kid.

"My youngster exclusively eats these nuggets. She stated she buys and freezes so many ".

The TikToker refrigerated the bag for a day before freezing it. She recommended refrigerating the nuggets first cools them thoroughly so they won't clump together in the freezer.

The TikToker said she microwaves 10 frozen nuggets on a dish on high for 1 minute and 30 seconds when her kid is hungry. 

The toddler joyfully enjoyed his McNuggets at the conclusion of the video, but viewers had several thoughts on TikToker's meal-prepping process.

Some criticized her for feeding her toddler reheated frozen fast food. "Refreezing processed, frozen nuggets? That's insane "TikTok user.

"I can't believe that you fed him this 'food.' Poor kid," one added. "As kids, we ate what was provided or went hungry. A commenter remarked we had no say in meals.

"Do what works for your family. Don't worry about harsh remarks "another wrote.

TikToker defended her parenting method in the video comments. After a TikToker said they "just ate what Mom made or starved," TikToker replied: "I don't want that for my kids. Nor did my mother wish that for us."

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