Top Seven Unhealthy Eating Habits

Not Eating Breakfast: We understand that mornings are stressful. But you're missing out if you don't have time for a healthy breakfast before work. Breakfast offers you energy for the day.

Noisy Chewing: Ask around—loud chewing is one of the worst eating habits. Misophonia, a phobia of repeating noises, can cause anxiety and a 'fight or flight' response.

Limiting Yourself Too Much: Eat well, but don't restrict yourself. You're more prone to binge if you can't treat yourself occasionally since you'll have strong urges.

Always Ordering Combos: While on the road, avoid combos and value meals, even though they may be cheaper. You may order more than you need when you purchase a burger and fries.

Emotional Eating: After a difficult day, it's tempting to eat ice cream, chocolate, or too many savoury snacks.

Salting Food Without Tasting It: Pepper and salt are instinctively reached for before trying meals. You can add extra spice if needed, but try before you apply.

Pre-Meal Bread Consumption: For healthier eaters, a full breadbasket can be too tempting. Go for bread on the side or as a starter, not both.

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