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Spider Monkey -  Photo by Luis TejoSpider Monkey
Photo by Luis Tejo

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Why are they called Spider Monkeys?

Because of their long skinny limbs, they look like spiders when hanging by their tails.

Spider monkeys have very flexible shoulder joints that enable them to swing easily from branch to branch. Their prehensile tail, used as a fifth limb, is muscular and can support the whole weight of the animal. The fleshy part of the tail even has its own fingerprints.

Spider Monkey Features:

Can have coloring from buff to black, depending on the subspecies.

Infants have a pink face and pink ears.

Hands are like hooks with long, narrow palms, long curved fingers and no thumb.

Feet have thumbs.

Head is small with a prominent muzzle.

Their brains are less complex.

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